Viernes, 6 de Septiembre: Concierto - De Pie, A Desmatelar
Sábado, 7 de Septiembre: Foro; Ni Vencidos, Ni Vendidos
Upcoming: Sept. 6 Concert: Rise Up-Tear Down
Sept. 7 Forum: "Ni Vencidos, Ni Vendidos: Race, Border 
Walls and the Politics of Not Selling Out"

Currently are are working on a campaign to expose the politics of “Immigration Reform”  We are also working in solidarity with the Hunger Strike for Health Care, a campaign of fourteen undocumented immigrants who have been denied a place on organ transplant waitlists (see the menu tabs above). Our past work includes a successful struggle to shut down the Crete Detention Center, organizing against Poli-Migra and to expose the links between militarization and the criminalization of immigrants, and educational campaigns to expose disinformation around Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (see sidebar) .

Moratorium on Deportations Campaign is focused exposing and challenging the ways that people are illegalized in the United States.  We work towards dismantling the immigrant detention system and undoing all national borders. A first step in this process is a simple demand made to executive power: stop all deportations!

contact us as

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