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In 2010 ICE began looking for a law enforcement agency that would build and run a detention center in the Chicago area. They put out a solicitation called a “Statement of Objectives”. Corrections Corporation of America, the largest private prison corporation in the US, and the village of Crete IL formed a partnership. CCA wrote a proposal to ICE, entitled White Paper, which was approved by the Village trustees. Based on this proposal, ICE then selected Crete as the winner of the solicitation in the summer of 2011. Click here for this document.
The three-way partnership works like this: ICE is drafting a contract called an intergovernmental agreement with the village of Crete for a 700 bed mixed (medium and maximum) security detention center. The Village of Crete is subcontracting CCA to actually build and maintain the prison. Crete is the middle link in the chain. The village trustees have already signed on to the partnership with CCA. But the contract with ICE has not yet been signed – the prison project can still be stopped very simply by the mayor of Crete or the village trustees.
This is currently farmland in the process of being sold to CCA. It is located on the south end of Hartman Drive , off Burville Road. See map here.
Resources on CCA and Immigrant detention
ICE is pushing for 5 new detention centers nationally: in Arizona, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois , Nevada
“We’ve never seen the wind at our back like it is today” – CCA President and CEO John D. Ferguson, May 2006.
CCA is number one in America for detention contracts, and has made record profits every year since 2003. CCA boasts being the sixth largest corrections system in the U.S., behind only 4 states and the federal government. CCA operates 65 facilities in 19 states and the District of Columbia with more than 75,000 beds and nearly 17,000 employees. 12 of CCA’s facilities are used to hold immigration detainees.

Nearly 12,000 people were deported last year from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Kansas and Missouri, Montenegro said. That was about 1,500 more than in 2010.Crete would get part of the per-diem fee CCA would receive for each detainee. Village and CCA officials declined to disclose the per-diem rate they are seeking. The hundreds of detainees would be counted as residents of Crete, giving the village about $60,000 more per year in tax revenue from the state, Einhorn said. The money CCA will pay in taxes will help local schools, parks and the library. CCA made a $157 million profit in 2010. About 40 percent of its $1.6 billion in revenue that year came from contracts with federal agencies, according to the most recent annual report filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
The Business of Detention
Detention Watch Network

Press articles
Planean nuevo centro de detención de inmigrantes – La Raza

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