Open Letter to Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. – SHUT DOWN I.C.E. Action!

May 21, 2012
SHUT DOWN I.C.E. – Celebrate People Power Over State Repression!

In response to our calls for a symbolic action at an I.C.E. “public dialogue” about plans to build a new Immigrant Detention Camp, officials canceled the I.C.E. event citing “security concerns”. We appreciate that they shut themselves down – but this is an effort to repress political expression and to avoid real public debate about Immigrant Detention. We will not cancel our action: SHUT DOWN ICE continues in Chicago! Join us to celebrate people power over state violence and to denounce efforts to repress peaceful political expression.

I.C.E. had scheduled a public meeting, hosted and moderated by Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr, to discuss plans for a new Immigrant Detention Camp in Crete, IL just south of Chicago. This meeting was meant to demonstrate that the Congressman and ICE officials foster open, public political dialogue around the issue, and seek “public input”. When we questioned the legitimacy of these claims, the meeting was canceled at the last minute, with Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr calling anti-NATO and pro-immigrant advocates a “security concern” for his district.

They attack and terrorize our communities, and then call us a security threat. We have just witnessed a wave of state violence against peaceful demonstrators, and immigrant communities have been under attack for years. The true open, political dialogue is represented by people standing up against the war at home and abroad, by social movements increasingly demanding, and creating, political change through direct public participation. The only “security concern” is a repressive system that criminalizes migration, poverty and political dissent.

We will gather to celebrate people power over state repression in nonviolent, symbolic action. We will not cancel our SHUT DOWN ICE action! In addition, we will remind the Congressman that he endorsed the NATO protests and his father participated in them, as is expected of politicians claiming to be “progressive Democrats”. We demand that he either retract his unfounded, alarmist and misleading statements about anti-NATO and pro-immigrant advocates, or add himself to the list of parties his office considers a security concern. Calling us a security threat incites police violence against us. We consider the Congressman personally responsible for any form of repression or police attack we may encounter as we exercise our right to assemble today.

-Moratorium On Deportations Campaign (MDC)
-No Name Collective
-SHUT DOWN I.C.E Action organizers

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