Moratorium on Deportations is a group founded in Chicago the spring of 2010 to create a space for individuals and organizations to discuss perspectives, share information and coordinate efforts in their fight to get from President Obama an Executive Order for a Moratorium on Deportation. However, in early 2011 the undocumented youth who founded the MDC reached out to form a broader organizing community. Through  an experimental series of speak-outs called “The ABCs of Struggle: A is for Amnesty and Abolition” and then through mobilizations for March 10th Liberation Square and the People’s Trial of Boeing action, the MDC changed from being a campaign to a meeting-place for autonomous migrant justice, anti-war and community organizations. MDC became logistical host and intersectional platform for the planning process of Chicago Mayday 2011. We organized a grassroots struggle in Chicago to resist the construction of a new immigrant detention center in Crete, IL; and developed political education campaigns in response to DACA and the so-called “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” (CIR) politics of 2013 and 2014.

contact us as moratoriumondeportations@gmail.com

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