Information for walkers

Main Contacts for walkers:

Jose Herrera 773-632-9992
Rozalinda Borcila 813-789-0123

WE will have cars to transport your bag! see below for what to pack.

We are collecting donations for snacks (dry food, nuts, fruit) and water along the way, as well as basic necessities for the walk. We will have first aid support, and massages offered for injured walkers upon arrival at our shelter locations!

Please print out our tentative maps — we will do our best to stay on schedule but we fully expect delays along the way. If you are joining us along the way, call to confirm our location. There are Metra stops servicing Blue Island and Homewood, we will be walking very close to these stops. There are also public buses along the major roads on our route. Please make arrangements for your return journey — we have several support cars as well as two buses reserved for April 1 for walkers who have been on the entire route. If you are joining us for part of the route, we cannot guarantee support for your return journey, but we will help you as best we can.

Please pack a small personal backpack – label it with your name, we have cars that can help transport between rest sites
– 2 pairs of shoes
– 2 pairs of socks (min)
– reflective tape or clothing, bike lights etc – for night walking
– plastic poncho or other rain gear
– personal needs – (we will not have shower facilities on our rest stops)
– sleeping bag and pillow if you have it.

Saturday will be a full day with 12 hours of walking. We will have cars available to help transport injured walkers and young children to the next rest stop.

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