How you can support

There are many ways you can participate or show your support for this action and join the fight against detention.

  • Endorse our action and points of unity: send an email with the name of your organization or group to:
  • Use your networks to spread the word about the struggle against detention. Distribute information about the action as broadly as you can. Hold a meeting to inform your community about detention.
  • Make a small donation, cash or supplies, by mail or deliver (daily, 9AM-6PM) to: Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission, 3442 W 26th St, Chicago. See contacts, below.
  • Walk a mile with us or join us for gatherings along the way – please see route and schedule, and check back often as we add more details (locations and times) for stops, meeting points etc.
  • Join us for the rally in Crete
  • Bring documentation equipment and creative skills, help record the event and share your footage, so we may create an image campaign after the walk
  • Offer a car ride to to the next stop en route for injured walkers or children who may need a rest
  • Rise up, rise up!

For donations, contact
Father Jose Landaverde 773-512-8015:
Maria Leon 773-397-9731

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