How to Get Involved

How to Get Involved as an Organization or Individual?

  1. Sign up to our Facebook Group “Moratorium on Deportations Campaign”
  2. Attend any of our weekly meetings every Tuesday at Biblioteca Poular 1921 S. Blue Island Ave in Pilsen.  At these meetings we will organize actions and discuss on how to move forward with the campaign
  3. Become a Supporter of the campaign by submitting your organization’s name and contact information to

m o r a t o r i u m o n d e p o r t a t i o n s @ g m a i l . c o m

A list of names from supporting organizations will be made and will be attached to all communication releases.

OK and Now, What’s Next?

  1. Participate and put your two cents on developing the Campaign, the actions and events. Don’t keep your eyes from the ball meaning stay focus and build momentum to accomplish our goal; A moratorium on all deportations through president Obama’s Executive power!
  2. Spread the word; Invite all your friends and allies to Join the Campaign and share with them the information about the Campaign.
  3. Send feedback and suggestions regarding the campaign to This will help build a strong and powerful campaign.
  4. Organize your own actions as part of the Campaign! Inviting everyone to come and support your actions/events!

1 Response to How to Get Involved

  1. We can send you a poster to put up in your window if you want. Also everyone is invited to our open meetings: every tuesday at 6:30 pm at Caza Aztlan 1831 S. Racine Chicago IL.

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