Kiss and Ride: Caravan to Hammond, Indiana

Saturday, April 2, 2011  · 10:00am – 11:00am

Plaza Tenochtitlan in Pilsen (Blue Island Avenue & 18th Street)
1800 S. Blue Island Ave
Chicago, IL

“La Gran Marcha”
Para pedir respeto a los derechos humanos de los inmigrantes.
La Caravana comienza alas 10am en Chicago IL, (Esquinas de Blue Island y Calle 18 en Pilsen. Rumbo a Hammond, Indiana hacia el Instituto “Bishop Noll”

Invitamos a la comunidad a que se una a esta caravana de apoyo para nuestros hermanos en Hammond Indiana, quienes se organizan para luchar y combatir encontra de leyes anti-inmigrantes como lo hacemos diariamente aqui en Chicago.
La Marcha y Protesta comienza en Hammond Indiana alas 12:00pm.
On Saturday April 2nd a caravan of pro-immigrant activists will depart from Chicago with a banner of support for protests against the Anti- Immigrant Law proposal SB 590. The bill is similar SB 1070, the controversial state-wide crack down on undocumented residents passed last year in Arizona. Communities in Indiana have called for mass regional mobilizations to voice opposition to such measures. The Caravan will join a march scheduled to begin at 12:00 pm in Hammond, Indiana and deliver a banner of support to the immigrant community.

We invite Chicagoans to join us; we will have a departure event at 10am in the heart of the immigrant neighborhood of Pilsen (Blue Island Avenue and 18th street). At the event, community members can sing a symbolic “migra manta” banner that will deliver support for the undocumented residents of Indiana. The small caravan will hope to make connections between immigrant communities in Indiana and those in Chicago.

If you are interested in joining the caravan to Hammond, or have any questions please reply via facebook or contact bellow.

We also ask for people that want to join but don’t have transportation to contact us bellow to try an arrange something. For those that will join us and have extra space in their cars, let us know as well.

More Info:
Jesus Guillen 773-297-3019
Jaime Robles 773-606-5367

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