Hunger Strike for Health

On July 29, a group of 14 people began a hunger strike at Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission, 3442 W 26th St Chicago. The strikers are protesting discriminatory health care practices that deny undocumented people in need of transplants a place on the transplant waiting list. Hospitals routinely deny life-saving patient care based on immigration status and inability to pay: in a profit-driven medical system, only certain lives are deemed to be worth saving. Hunger strikers include patients and loved ones who demand that hospitals place people on transplant lists based on need and not on immigration or insurance status. See here for facebook solidarity page and click the menu above.

The Hunger strikers are calling for solidarity to help escalate the campaign and increase the pressure on hospitals and legislators. The schedule is changing every day in response to unfolding events, we will try to provide updates and latest news.

Although the hunger strike ended on August 10th, the fight for access to health care continues.

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