Resist the Crete detention Center: Notes from march 11 meeting

Next meeting Sunday, March 18,  5-7 PM ,   3442 W 26th St

Walk to Crete at the end of March – arriving on April 1, Palm Sunday.
Goals: intensify opposition to the detention center; create a domino effect to provoke others into action; begin a broader awareness campaign about immigrant detention and about the supposed reform of the detention system. This is a regional and national issue, our voices need to project to that level.

We will form workgroups for the departure, route, arrival, return logistics, messaging/outreach/media.

Departure – a public event to raise consciousness, support the walkers and gather media attention
Departure point: proposals include Little Village or Pilsen area, Cook County Jail, Occupy headquarters; Rainbow Push coalition location, ICE downtown.
Other issues: how can people who do not join the walk contribute to the resistance efforts? (call campaign, for example); a broader call to action

Route –  connect with different communities; rest stops and also points for small or large actions on the way; possibility for people to join the walkers at different meeting points, we want the walkers’ group to grow along the way.
Possible routes: Halsted
Other issues discussed – connect with street medics, legal observers, supply cars; taking care of ourselves along the walk and helping those who are tired, safety.

Arrival – Sunday April 1 at 10 AM-noon?
Possible gathering point: Main St and Exchange parking lot, 1000 feet away from village hall. Find churches to receive us for possible bad weather.
Arrival action ideas: ecumenical service; symbolic/theatrical actions

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